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CIE is located on west of the City of Marion on State Highway 18 and is connected to the Norfolk Southern main line. All products are loaded and shipped by truck or railcar at our facility.

About Us

Central Indiana Ethanol, LLC (CIE) operates a 50 million gallon per year dry-mill ethanol plant in Marion, Indiana. CIE was constructed between February 2006 and July 2007. In July, 2007 CIE began operations. CIE processes approximately 17 million bushels of corn annually into 50 million gallons of ethanol, 135,000 tons of high quality Distillers Dried Grain with Solubles (DDGS), and captures 110,000 tons of CO2.


Our ethanol is marketed by CHS (Cenex Harvest States). Contacts: Mo Elefandi (651-355-8529)  and Fred Sloan (651-355-8556)

Corn Oil: Jeff Harts 1-888-384-CORN or 765-384-4001

Our DDGS is marketed by CIE & Cenex Harvest States. Contact: Jeff Harts @ 1-888-384-CORN, Scott Thiel (800-769-1066)

Our CO2 is compressed and marketed by EPCO Carbon Dioxide Products. Contacts: (765-384-4903)


Central Indiana Ethanol
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