Flawless Alcohol, Flawless Scent.

CIE's high purity grain neutral spirits will allow your fine fragrance to express it's unique character.

Beauty / Personal Care

CIE’s high purity alcohol products are trusted and used by global beauty and personal care companies across the world.  Managed by a Quality Assurance Team, tested hourly at commercial scale and reviewed daily by an 18 member organoleptic panel, CIE delivers world class smell and taste neutrality on every shipment.  When required, CIE can supply United States Pharmacopeia (USP) or Food Chemical Codex (FCC) base alcohols in pure or denatured form to meet each brands’ rigorous standards for quality.  If you seek a supplier who is passionate about quality, focused on service with a personal touch, and can ensure your brand is protected through a global food safety manufacturing system, we welcome the opportunity to speak.

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Experience the CIE Advantage

  • Variety of Specially Denatured Alcohol (SDA) blends to meet each customers specific need

  • In-line blending capabilities mitigates cross-contamination risk

  • Knowledgeable sales team providing regular market updates.

  • Dedicated logistics fleet to ensure consistent, on-time customer deliveries.

  • Dedicated, personalized service for each customer.

  • Wide range of packaging and delivery options including; railcar, truck, ISO-tank, tote, and drum. 

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