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Beautiful morning sunrise over the corn

Brought to Life

Conceived almost 20-years ago, CIE has grown into a globally recognized, world-class distiller producing a variety of Alcohols whose quality is unmatched. CIE remains a private, passionate & dedicated company managed in partnership with its employees, local farmers, key suppliers and other community stakeholders, redefining the concept of Alcohol craftsmanship at commercial scale.


CIE is built on a culture grounded in quality with a passion for its products. As a trusted supplier of best-in-class alcohols, CIE seeks to tailor its products to meet the exacting needs of its global customers, proving that not all Alcohols are created equal.

Unrivaled Alcohols

CIE refines & cleans its alcohols by utilizing a set of 9 distillation columns where no process details have been overlooked. Configured in proprietary ways, CIE’s distillation allows for the targeted removal of unwanted impurities and odors critical to making a world class Alcohol.


To ensure product integrity, CIE filters & stores 100% of its finished Alcohols in dedicated tanks and only loads Alcohol out through custom built skids mitigating contamination risks.  Alcohols are transported to customers by CIE’s fleet of owned trailers, dedicated railcars and IsoTanks, or smaller containers including Totes & Drums, ensuring an unbroken ‘chain of custody’ for customers.

Looking Forward

CIE is only at the beginning of its journey, searching for ways to reinvest in its operations so it can meet the growing needs of its customers now and into the future.

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