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Different kind of spices, dill, parsley,

Odorless, Colorless, Tasteless.

High Purity, USP, Kosher, Grain Neutral Spirits 

Food, Flavor & Fragrance

It starts with your customers and the taste and/or scent profile they expect from your products.  CIE’s Alcohols will never overshadow the scent and taste of your product that your customers have come to expect from your brands. CIE prides itself on its unrivaled organoleptic profile, true neutral character, and consistency of its Alcohol portfolio.  We are more than just a reliable source of superior Alcohol, CIE is committed to tailoring its offerings & service capabilities to delight our customers’ end users.  Find out how we can partner with your entire team to develop unique experiences for your customers!

Bottles with aromatic extract and dry va
Spices in Moroccan Market

Experience the CIE Advantage

  • Custom in-line blending

  • Zero backhauls, always

  • High Purity, Grain Neutral Spirits meeting  rigorous market standards

  • Superior organoleptic profile allowing your flavor or fragrance to shine

  • Direct from Distillery

  • Knowledgeable sales team providing regular market updates

  • Dedicated logistics fleet to ensure consistent, on-time customer deliveries

  • No product co-mingling

  • Wide range of packaging and delivery options including; railcar, truck, ISO-tank, tote, and drum

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