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Food Grade CO


CIE captures 100% of the carbon dioxide biogenetically produced in fermentation and cleans it to a Food Grade standard. The CO2 is compressed into a liquid form to facilitate its use in a variety of applications including beverage carbonation and the formation of dry ice.

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Yellow gold Corn Distiller's dried grain

Dried Distillers Grains

Proud to be a zero-loss distiller where every pound of corn feedstock it uses creates a pound of finished products, CIE creates a variety of agricultural co-products like dried distillers’ grains.  CIE produces a superior quality DDGS uses as a staple in the diets of locally raised poultry & swine.  Measured against its ‘Pro-Fat’, shorthand for the proportion of protein & fat content found in the feed, CIE’s DDGS standout in its markets for their nourishment value.

Corn Oil

CIE was one of the first dry mill distillers in the United States to efficiently extract corn oil from its production process.  Nutrient rich, CIE’s corn oil is an excellent source of fat in supplementing the feed rations for the swine, poultry & cattle markets. In addition, corn oil is used as an excellent feedstock to those manufacturing clean energy products such as renewable & biodiesel fuels.

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