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Pristine Alcohol.

Pristine Clean.

High Purity, USP, Kosher, Grain Neutral Spirits & Denatured Alcohols


Whether used in the production of adhesives, detergents, explosives, inks, plastics, textiles or a variety of other products; or used as a solvent, catalyst, or cleaning agent, naturally fermented & distilled Alcohols are increasingly used as an alternative to fossil-based chemicals that are not a sustainable choice for the planet.


Regardless of proof, denaturant requirement or purity specifications; or for tailored performance features sought by customers including efficacy, conversion efficiency or low residual impurities, CIE is routinely chosen due to the superior profile of its pure & denatured alcohols. Our dedicated team of industry experts are here to partner with you to deliver a differentiated experience that improves your products & the efficiency of your business operations.

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Automatic Filling line for aerosol cans.

Experience the CIE Advantage

  • ​High Purity, Grain Neutral Spirits meeting  rigorous market standards

  • Knowledgeable sales team providing regular market updates.

  • Dedicated logistics fleet to ensure consistent, on-time customer deliveries

  • Wide range of packaging and delivery options including; railcar, truck, ISO-tank, tote, and drum

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