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Pristine Alcohol.
Pristine Clean.

High Purity, USP, Kosher, Grain Neutral Spirits & Denatured Alcohols


Whether used in the production of adhesives, detergents, explosives, inks, plastics, textiles or a variety of other products; or used as a solvent, catalyst, or cleaning agent, naturally fermented & distilled Alcohols are increasingly used as an alternative to fossil-based chemicals that are not a sustainable choice for the planet.


Regardless of proof, purity, denaturant need, or performance features sought by customers including efficacy, conversion efficiency or low residual impurities, CIE is routinely chosen due to the superior profile of its pure & denatured alcohols. Our dedicated team of industry experts are here to partner with you to deliver a differentiated experience to improve your products formulation and/or the efficiency you seek in production.

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Experience the CIE Advantage

  • ​High Purity, Grain Neutral Spirits meeting  rigorous market standards

  • Variety of Specially Denatured Alcohol (SDA) blends to meet each customer's specific need

  • In-line blending capabilities ensuring consistent, specific, spec attainment

  • Regular, in-depth market updates

  • Dedicated logistics, eliminating contamination risk to protect your brand formulation

  • Dedicated, personalized service for each customer

  • Wide range of packaging and delivery options including; railcar, truck, ISO-tank, tote, and drum

For more information, please contact us below.

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