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Continuous Improvement

At CIE’s core is a Quality Assurance System integrated across its platform, striving to continuously improve.  CIE’s Quality System, centered on its Food Safety System Certification, is aligned with the rigorous standards of ISO-22000, cGMPs, HACCP, and the European Union’s Technical Standards, and also complies with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).


CIE’s Alcohols are all natural, Kosher, and Gluten Free. In addition, CIE maintains a broad set of certifications, registrations, and product specific claims aligned with its customer needs, including the harmonized standards set by the Global Food Safety Initiative.


CIE’s alcohols are quality checked in its own onsite, state-of-the-art laboratory that can perform a wide range of tests from simple wet chemistry to more sophisticated assessments. CIE is able to comply with the exacting standards and product monographs of the USP, Food Chemicals Codex, ACS & Reagent grade alcohols.

Organoleptic Standards

Nothing sets the bar higher for Alcohol than its smell and taste. CIE maintains its own in-house team of trained organoleptic panelists with a meticulous, daily attention to the smell & taste profile of CIE’s alcohols to ensure their uniformity and quality.  Each batch of Alcohol is tested multiple times before being certified as a true Grain Neutral Spirit.

Setting CIE Apart

  • Unbroken chain of custody

  • Quality control from raw material field checks to finished Alcohols

  • State of the Art, onsite laboratory

  • Real time laboratory assessments and certifications, by lot/batch

  • Owned trailer fleet

  • Zero backhauls, always

  • Regulatory expertise

  • New food grade Drums & Totes, never recycled

  • No product co-mingling

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